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Buy Dubai Real Estate with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

We Have Re-imagined the Way You Purchase Real Estate.

As a long time leader in the real estate sector of Dubai, we are proud to announce a leap into the future of property purchase! We have successfully implemented Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments within our sales platform. Our reputable agents will assist you in every aspect of searching and securing your dream residential or commercial space in Dubai. We streamline the purchase experience by covering legal frameworks and security components of using cryptocurrency to buy or sell real estate in Dubai. Leaving no stone unturned, we aim to simplify the transaction for you, every step of the way. Spend less time dealing with paperwork and more on finding your ideal villa, apartment or townhouse! The economic landscape is changing globally, don’t miss your opportunity to leverage cryptocurrency and the properties market. Buy Dubai real estate with bitcoin cryptocurrency.


Dubai —
The Investment Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For.

Our metropolitan oasis just might be the center of it all. Dubai is strategically connected to Northern Europe, Asia, Eastern Oceania and Western Americas. Easy to travel to and from by air, land or water, this vibrant city welcomes millions of new residents and tourists yearly. Dubai’s most elite properties is available for purchase by non-residents and foreigners, however a fraction of local areas are only available for rent to foreigners.

A Fast Tracked Financial System for Foreign Buyers for Hassle Free Transactions.

In Dubai, time is money…between world renowned restaurants, luxury shopping and entertainment destinations you won’t want to waste time doing paperwork. Which is why the Dubai Land Department created an automated experience. Necessary checks will take place quickly and efficiently, while the transaction fees are priced at a reasonable 7.5-8% of the property value. As a foreigner, banks will grant you a mortgage for 50% of the property purchase price, while 25% would be a deposit amount. With 92% of Dubai’s population being expats the Government has assured a seamless process for property investment. Straightforward and transparent – no hidden fees! Become a part of Dubai’s constantly developing and securely regulated market.

Discover Best Dubai Properties to Buy with Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin : 32.5883952
AED : 6,034,888
USD : 1,629,420
Grande by Emaar


3 years ago

Completion Q4 2020AED6,034,888


3 years ago

Bitcoin : 1.9764
AED : 366,000
USD : 98,820
Seven City JLT


3 years ago

Completion Q2 2021AED366,000


3 years ago

Bitcoin : 7.56
AED : 1,400,000
USD : 378,000
Sunrise Bay by Emaar


3 years ago

Completion Q3 2020AED1,400,000


3 years ago

Bitcoin : 3.618
AED : 670,000
USD : 180,900
Collective by Emaar at Dubai Hills Estate

Collective by Emaar at Dubai Hills Estate

Hills Estate Sales Pavilion Emaar - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


4 years ago

Completion Q2 2021AED670,000


4 years ago

Bitcoin : 4.6520676
AED : 861,494
USD : 232,603
Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments in Dubai Studio City

Azizi Mirage 1 Apartments

Dubai Studio City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


4 years ago

Completion Q4 2020AED861,494


4 years ago

Bitcoin : 5.3946
AED : 999,000
USD : 269,730
Nasma Residences Sharjah

Nasma Residences

Al Tayy Suburb - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Townhouse, Villas

4 years ago

Completion Q1 2019AED999,000

Townhouse, Villas

4 years ago

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Why Purchase Dubai Property With Cryptocurrency?


International Payments

Cross-border transactions can get expensive, but we keep them affordable.


Asset Protection

We protect home sellers from market volatility by instantly transferring crypto to fiat.


Quick Settlements

Once your payment is confirmed on the blockchain, we will transfer the property in your name instantly.


24 / 7 Support

Not every client is a cryptocurrency genius! Which is why our team will assist you around the clock.


Partial Encryption Payments

Split your down payment between crypto and cash at your convenience.


Years of Experience

Our executive team has 30 + years of experience in real estate. You could say we know a thing or two!

Yes, You can buy real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai today!

Invest in real estate with cryptocurrency. You can buy property with Ethereum, Xrp and other crypto. Our company consists of professionals with over 30 years of experience. We provide our clients with a full range of quality services including property management, asset management, investment consulting, and housing sale or lease. We cover residential, commercial, and leasing assets. Let’s maximize your return on investment together!

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Buy Dubai Villas with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Can you buy real estate with crypto currency? The answer to this question is YES. Villas for sale in Dubai come with numerous options of paying with bitcoin or any other crypto currency. So if you have long dreamed of investing in villas for sale in Dubai then CryptoForRealty is the best platform to guide you in this regard. Our team is fully equipped at dealing all the legal, security and transactional processes of using crypto currency to buy or sell real estate in Dubai.

Why Dubai is an Investor’s dream?

Dubai’s booming development in real estate market surely raise its standards in delivering projects that have world class quality, high-end technology and contemporary yet sustainable elements. With more concentration of digitization in our lives, it is now easy to buy real estate with digital currency. The property value in Dubai increases by manifolds due to its refined image on the international platform.

It is not just a barren desert anymore but it has elevated its status as world’s best tourist destination and livable place. The residential developments and other infrastructures include state-of-the-art design and smart city solutions in their model which provide a sprawling Mega-city as a result.  Nonetheless, Dubai’s property value rises automatically due to these factors and it becomes nothing more than an investor’s ultimate dream.

Buy Dubai Apartments with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

In this digital age, buying apartments in Dubai with crypto currency is very easy. It means you can get rid of all the paperwork and hassles of buying a property in Dubai with traditional means of payment. The perfect assimilation of crypto currency in the real estate domain is changing the future layout for buying and selling properties.

Get in touch with our team at CryptoForRealty today and get to know about the endless possibilities which this amazing digital asset brings with itself.

Why should you Buy Apartments with Cryptocurrency in Dubai?

Dubai stands on a high point in terms of real estate development. Its growth as a world’s top economy and booming tourism adds huge value to its real estate. That’s why, investors from all around the world term it as a “Real estate paradise. “Since this evolved-Desertscape comprises of skyscrapers overlooking the vast sea line, the apartments become an ideal place for living and investing in.

Buying an apartment in Dubai means that you will have a contemporary-modern lifestyle, all urban amenities and a breathtaking view at hand. By investing in Dubai’s apartments, you will be part of an ever-growing residential community that relies on Smart solutions of it’s routinely activities.

Having said that, buying apartments with crypto currency in Dubai is even easier. The use of digital currency to get hold of commodities is still an alien concept for most of the countries but Dubai has welcomed it with open arms. It realizes its importance as the world’s fastest growing city and one of the most desirable places to live in and therefore, it adapts to the technology-oriented solutions to provide a sustainable lifestyle.

The real estate agencies in Dubai are well-versed with the transactional process and other operations regarding crypto currency. As a result, these agencies have proposed different yet simple modes of payment through crypto currency.

At CryptoForRealty, our team of expert professionals will guide you with their knowledge and experience in this field. Also, they save you from the hassle of extra paperwork, legalities and other obstacles which always fall in the way of traditional modes of payment in buying property in Dubai. You just have to pay the amount and become instant owner of your property.

Buy Dubai Townhouses with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Find numerous townhouses for sale in Dubai which offer a great package of premium location and a contemporary lifestyle. CryptoForRelty covers all the aspects of crypto currency’s usage in buying and selling real estate and makes you just one step away from your dream home. These beautiful townhouses are located on the outskirts of the city but their accessibility to the city’s major hubs is provided. Townhouses for sale in Dubai are sponsored in the areas of MudanArabian RanchesJumeirah Village Circle and Palm Jumeirah. These exclusive locations offer a package of great design and a bunch of modern urban amenities alongside. Buyers can choose from a range of studios, 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units depending on the family size.

Townhouse in Dubai – Your Ultimate Dream home

Dubai’s real estate development has seen a great progress in the last decade where many property giants have come on the scene and delivered extraordinary residential projects. This has made the property value of Dubai to skyrocket and earn a potential place on the international forefront. Investors, traders and financial analysts find this desert-turned- cosmopolitan an excellent place to buy and sell properties.

Therefore, buying a townhouse in Dubai is nothing less than a dream come true. In a land where skyscrapers and other tall structures populate the place, finding a home which breathes and is away from the urban jungle is surely a heaven on earth. Townhouses in Dubai offer an ideal set-up of strategic locations, beautiful designs and excessive room for modern amenities. These homes understand the “family lifestyle with elements of comfort and sustainability. “Therefore, they are built keeping in mind a quintessential modern family.

Buy Dubai Penthouse with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Penthouses for sale in Dubai with cryptocurrency or bitcoin is not an option to overlook. Start your next property venture with CryptoForRealty today and you will know the numerous benefits of buying and selling real estate in Dubai with crypto currency. Penthouses for sale in Dubai come in all arrangements and sizes. They range from one bedroom loft to a ten bedroom mega unit equipped with all the luxury features. Therefore, if you desire to be a part of an opulent and luxurious lifestyle in Dubai, then do invest in its beautiful and state-of the art penthouses.

Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah are the front runners in the list of some exotic penthouses. Visit our website for details in this regard.

Penthouse Apartments: Fact File

A penthouse is an apartment or a unit on the highest floor of an apartment building, condominium or a hotel. In simple words, it is an apartment which comes with the benefits of a regular house like size and design. It ranges from a studio apartment to a ten-bedroom penthouse. Penthouses distinguish themselves by coming equipped with most luxurious amenities. Also, being at the top of the building sets a totally different standard in terms of premium location.

Therefore, a penthouse in Dubai is nothing less than living in a dreamland.

How to Buy a Dubai Penthouse with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

The new millennial has promises a world of endless possibilities and buying a Dubai penthouse with crypto currency is one of them. The digital element is completely engrained in our lives when we see the possibility of buying and selling real estate with a digital asset. This means that the liquid money will soon be taken over by crypto currency and its acceptance in real estate’s domain is a clear evidence for that. Therefore, buying a Dubai penthouse with bitcoin or any other crypto currency is very easy nowadays.

We at CryptoForRealty pride ourselves with coming up with crypto-processes that are simplified and clear. We save you from the burden of extra paperwork and checking legal aspects of buying and selling property in Dubai. Our three-tier model guarantees a swift and safe transfer of property in your name.

Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

  • Select: Select the property you want to buy.
  • Transfer: Transfer your digital currency into complete payment.
  • Own: Our team facilitates a quick transfer of properties under your name so that you can enjoy its ownership without any delays.